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Nursery Rhyme Translation Project


dlt755.jpgSo I figured I’ll just make a post. This is to announce that this project actually exists.

While his parents are away working overseas our hero takes this opportunity to visit his childhood friend (and her twin-sister). They live with their mother and are located pretty close to the high school he and the twins go to. So, seeing that he’d be living alone otherwise, they decide to have him live with them in the meantime.

There’s also a prestigious all-female school nearby; this being the case, several students/teachers live in the same neighborhood as the hero’s childhood friend; thus the rarely seen male presence begins a bit of an uproar as awkward, hormone-charged interactions begin.

Current Progress
Translation: 1502/33014
Translation Check – 0/33014

Editing: 0/33014
Image editing: TBA
Hacking: WIP

Translation: Chifuyu-chan
Editing: CrimsonRain
Hacking: binaryfail

The project is few years away so don’t expect for Christmas presents and such. Nevertheless, we’re actually planning to finish the translation regardless of the speed. Might we look for other editors or translators but that’s up to the situation (If everything goes well).

Author: Chifuyu

Youth is both a lie and form of evil.

3 thoughts on “Nursery Rhyme Translation Project

  1. Hello Chifuyu-san-kun-chan-sama. I was wondering if you considered salvaging any progress from the previous Nursery Rhyme project? In any case, good luck with the project!


    • Is there even to salvage? I wouldn’t probably mind if the previous translator is still alive then we could probably have a cause. Anyways, thank you very much!


      • The translation of the previous project is definitely dead, and I’m sure the guy is alive somewhere out there, dunno if you have to ask permission, but if you did, then I could understand not being able to contact him. I’m sure it would be okay to use the work if you just credited the previous translator.

        I could see the translated scripts, so I think it could definitely be reused(I think, didn’t look through it all), but obviously that is up to you to decide since there could be differences in translation style, or maybe you don’t think it’s any good.

        Once again, best of luck!



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