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Character Introductions and whatsoever



Behold! Nursery Rhyme! Aw shit nobody cares. Well, I’ve got nothing to post so here’s an introduction for the main characters.

Hasekura Shizuma
The protagonist of Nursery Rhyme. In the beginning of the story, He had to move in to where his childhood friends are because of his parents working overseas.

Not really a likeable protagonist but I can actually relate myself to where he stands. I mean he’s not strong physically nor mentally but he ridiculously knows what to do when the time counts.

img074_ev_m140Makina Tomoe
She is Hasekura’s so called childhood friend along with her sister Yukina. A very energetic girl and the captain of a strange lacrosse club in their school. Typically as it is, she excels at sports but falls short when it comes to her academics.

AAAAAH! If not for her voice, I could actually like her more.

img171_ev_y050Yukina Tomoe
Twin sister of Makina and one of Hasekura’s childhood friend. She’s the polar opposite of Makina with their appearance having the exception. While Makina excels at sports, Yukina excels at her academics. They also differ personality-wise. Yukina is a calm and collected person unlike her sister but there’s more than meets the eye and that’s for you to find out. She loves gardening and you wanna know why? Play the game.

I’ve come to hate her after playing her route. I wanted to ask myself too.

img008_ev_k052Krille Shikishima (Kururu)
The only reason why I started this translation lol. Kururu is a lycantrophe who dwells on earth. She’s a genius that has skipped grades because of her academic capabilities. Kururu is a book lover and the current president of the library committee. Surprisingly, she can use magic. YES, she can use magic. A LOLI WHO HAS THE ABILITY TO USE MAGIC. What’s more to wish for? She controls her stuffed cat animal “Azu” with the use of her magic.

img140_ev_t071Tita Flawless Brandt
A rich girl who lives next door to the Tomoe household. She’s your typical tsundere ojou-sama so there’s nothing much to explain about her. She tries her best to win over the Tomoe twins when it comes sports and academics but is constantly failing.

She’s really likeable. A perfect epitome of tsunderes!

img081_ev_r010Rin Lim Venus
Rin is an elf girl who currently works as a maid at Tomoe household. She’s a college graduate who’s aiming to be a teacher in the future. A typical dojikko character who has an androphobia (fear of men).

A really irritating character. But she makes up with her cuteness.

And that’s it! I think there’s no need for me to write about the side characters. As for the progress of the translation, things are going slow and that’s because of my capabilities as a translator. Don’t blame me please! 😦

Author: Chifuyu

Youth is both a lie and form of evil.

3 thoughts on “Character Introductions and whatsoever

  1. Kururu is easily the best girl :3


  2. The powa of loli is just too strong~


  3. Indeed. Kururu best girl!
    Good luck with the translation chifuyu-chan! I’ve been waiting for this to be translated for years. Thank you very much, I wish you good luck with the progress! πŸ˜€


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