Kururu Translations

Some sort of what you call “Update”


24452922Days come by and we’re making small progress as I rant here. Translated lines go up from 1825 to 2113, unfortunately that’s out of 33014 lines to be specific and no amends to the editing until I cover the scripts of the trial version. I will post a detailed information of the line count some other day or maybe on the next update. In other news, I might be able to translate for a longer time starting next week since it’d be the start of our holiday vacation (college life is a b*tch).


Translation: 2113/33014
Translation Check – 0/33014
Editing: 0/33014
Image editing: TBA
Hacking: WIP

I will make a poll later on whose route am I going to translate first for your satisfactions. I’m also looking for a TLC, please hit me up on our channel.

Author: Chifuyu

Youth is both a lie and form of evil.

3 thoughts on “Some sort of what you call “Update”

  1. Thank you very much for working on this! I love Kururu!


  2. Thank you very much! and Merry Christmas guys


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