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finally an update



Binary was able to upload the scripts on google drive last week so I’m going to spend my time transferring the translated lines from notepad. There isn’t much progress this week but we’ll get there. Editing will start soon after this.

Translation:  5135/33014

Author: Chifuyu

Youth is both a lie and form of evil.

6 thoughts on “finally an update

  1. Hope you get some additional help to complete this awesome game. it would set a positive example that its still worth working on older vn´s as well. wish you the best luck


  2. Wow, there’s finally someone on Nursery Rhyme!! I’ve been wondering if we’ll ever get a translation. Just because of this game, I once set up the ATLAS machine translator, which was pretty bothersome, and in the end the translations weren’t acceptable.

    I’m really excited about this. Take your time. I just hope you’ll finish someday and not leave it half done like others before.

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    • Thank you for the donation kind sir 🙂 But I had to return it since the donation button earlier had the wrong email. It’s updated now though if you’re still in a giving mood 🙂


  3. Thank you very much for working on this! I do remember reading this using agth and atlas lol. It’s been years but I still haven’t had the chance to study Japanese because of real life and I’ve been wanting to read this for a while now 😦 Kudos to your efforts on bringing back old vn’s like this!


    • Haha, I remember thinking “Do I have to learn Japanese just for this one game…?”, but of course that would be sheer insanity. I can be a bit obsessive about things.

      By the way, thanks to chifuyuchan for allowing posts here without a registration. It’s so annoying that for most blogs you need to register an account just to leave a comment.

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