Kururu Translations

5 thoughts on “Engineer 404

  1. the closest thing I could find is this https://tlwiki.org/?title=Tools and it seems like there’s some tools that may work(the Ethornell ones are supposed to work with nursery rhyme’s engine)


  2. Is a repacker required? BGI should just straight load any assets in the game directory. It’s not pretty but it should work.


  3. You should ask help on gbatemp forums sometime they help


  4. I tried to play the game with ATLAS automated translation and the result was pretty insane. I’m sure your translation will be 99% better.

    If the repacking fails, just release the text file with the original and translated text. Then we can open it in a seperate window and read it while playing the game. Better than having nothing.

    Anyway, I wish you luck with figuring out the repack.


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