Kururu Translations


Christmas update~

Translation: 12032/32977

A bit of a small update. Things got busy and I’ve been lazy :Kappa:. Nevertheless, it’s still moving as slowly as it gets. As of the moment, there’s still no chance for a partial patch cause of the hacking and editing part.

Anyways ciao~ see you on the next update ^_^


Back for now?

First off, I would like to apologize for the lack of updates due to my internet being cut off for the whole month. But yeah, internet guy went earlier to fix it so things are okay now I guess. I think I’ll resume translating again while waiting for someone to help us with the tools.  Peace out~!


Call for loli arms


Not actually a progress update but I’m currently looking for hackers. It has been some time since the translation started so I guess it won’t hurt to ask for help now (again). If you have the knowledge, please don’t forsake Kururu and release the loli urges in you 😦

I’m getting burned out myself cause I don’t even know what will come out of this project if we can’t even see the translations appearing inside the game. So yeah, after I’m finish transferring the scripts into a new google drive, I think I’ll stop making any progress and wait till someone provides me with a tool.

Feel free to message me on fuwa or email me if you’re capable of making the tools. It’ll be a really big help!